Plumeria basics: When to transplant, prune, sun etc

Hello Plumeria fans! I have 4 Plumerias in plastic pots (2, 3, or 5 gallon) that I obtained from neighbors. Three were potted and 1 was a cutting which I successfully rooted. All the pots are sitting inside a larger terracotta container. I have some questions I hope someone can answer.

1. I want to plant 1 or 2 of them in the ground this Fall. Is that the best time to plant them, so long as they are in a spot protected from frost (we get an occasional frost and sometimes temps in the mid-20s, but usually 30-40s)? I plan to put them in spots that get a little shade during the hot afternoon, rather than all-day sun.

2. We have clay soil. The soil where I want to put them is fairly cultivated due to other plants growing there for years. Still, the soil is clay-based, so I plan to dig a large hole and plant them a little high. Is there anything special I need to consider or add to the soil? I maintain a thick layer mulch on top of the soil year-round.

3. Is there a sure way to know when the plant needs watering, other than drooping leaves? Since they are still in pots and our summer has been very hot, I am afraid of over-watering and keeping an eye on the leaves. I've been watering them when if the soil feels dry 1" down or if the leaves start to droop. Am I doing the right thing? In the ground, should I water them only when they look like they need it? We have drip or sprinkler irrigation on timers that we control.

4. What are some good companions to plant around the base?

Thank you.

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