Sometimes "just right" happens

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The steak thread put me in mind of it. Sometimes it's just me for dinner. I've been known to indulge in lamb chops, but they're hard to get nowadays. I have issues with steak, but that thread had me thinking about it. My mother used to buy beef by the side. It was what was considered "restaurant grade" back then. Best quality but not as fatty as prime. I can buy prime steaks locally, no problem, but I don't like them. I can buy choice, but they're not good quality. Beef nowadays tends to be flavorless, anyway, and unless I drive a ways to a particular butcher, I can't get bison steak. Ranch bred bison has excellent flavor like beef used to. But the online "farmers market" I've been using had New York steaks from a ranch which I think does the old style restaurant grade. It was a little thinner cut than I'd prefer, but I cooked it just for me, the way I like it, and it was perfect. It didn't even need seasoning. I did use a little sauce on some of it, for variety, but it didn't need anything, not even salt.

It was delicious. It was just right. Thank-you Sir Bos. Thank-you to the fancy foodies who bring back really good food.

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