Help bash my landscaping (new home w/ pics)

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Hi all - Hope you're well. Last time I bought a house I received such great advice on improving the landscaping / garden of my home, especially from @Yardvaark ... I hope he is still around and posting!

Seeking some input on what to do with my current beds (photos below) ... zone 6a. Bed in foreground is probably okay just needs some cleanup and lower branches of the tree need to be trimmed.

Bed in the background is somewhat a mod podge, with some well kept box woods and then some overgrown items:

Large birch to right of front door

Large tree of some sort to left of front door

Two larger bushes on either side of the window to the far left

Aside from general cleanup, any suggestions on how to improve on what I already have?

1) Not sure what to do about the overgrown items above

2) What to put in the vacancy right in front of the large tree left of front door (there's also boxwoods hiding behind it)

Also not sure what some of these plantings are so if you're good at identification, it would be appreciated! Thanks so much in advance for the wealth of information provided by everyone!

If you're still reading this far down, what is this tree below? It's REALLY overgrown and close to the house. May consider removing it if it can't be pruned way back in a healthy way.

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