Freezing anything good?

last month

I was thinking fondly of our lost friend 2ManyDiversions while making popsicles this week. She made beautiful, composed ones. I just throw stuff in the blender and hope for the best (and taste and adjust of course). My wandering into vegetative pops was sparked by 2Many, though I don't think she went into spinach, chard or green beans, as I have (combined with a little fruit).

New this week: "Gazpacho" popsicles. Not really. Real gazpacho, at least the way I make it, is too rich and too pungent. This was a dozen small heirloom tomatoes, all colors, a small handful of Italian parsley sprigs, freshly ground black pepper and sea salt, and just a little drip of Spanish EVOO, for flavor, not grease. I should have let it whirr another half minute, but I didn't want it to aerate too much. There were a couple stray seeds. Not a big issue. :) Really good. Refreshing, too. :)

Have you been making frozen treats?

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