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FLOORPLAN HELP?!?! one story, narrow lot, center hall style home

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Just bought this home but want to create an open floorplan. The house was built in 1953. We are wanting to turn it from a 3 bd 1.5 bath to a 2 bd 2 bath since we aren’t planning on reselling. It is around 1470 sq ft.
The center wall is load bearing but that’s the wall we feel like needs to be taken out to create the open concept. If possible to create open floor plan without moving the load bearing wall that would be ideal since it’s most cost effective. HELP PLEASE!!!

There is an unfinished basement where the washer and dryer are now but we are also looking to move them up to the main level.

Our full move in budget is 50,000 (including moving/taking down walls, flooring, paint, furnishings, etc.)

We are both very handy and able to do a lot of labor ourselves such as demo, some installation, and basically everything cosmetic. We just need help with the floor plan and then someone to help us achieve it!

This is a rough sketch up of the current layout. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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