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Can someone explain this to me?

last year

Today I went to a department store to purchase some bras. I chose 3, and was carrying them to the checkout line. But suddenly I remembered my DD told me my granddaughter wanted some earrings for her birthday. So I stood in line at the jewelry counter and was served after about 10 minutes. I asked to see a pair of earrings, and didn't want to put the bras on the glass counter, especially as they would obscure another customer's view of the jewelry. So I dropped them into my reusable bag, temporarily. The sales person rang up the earrings and I put the small box into my purse.

Then I walked out of the store. Yup, I completely forgot to go to the regular check out line to pay for the 3 bras!! No sensors had buzzed, to alert me that I was leaving with un-scanned items. I went down an escalator and was just about to exit the mall doors, when I recalled putting the bras in my bag. (My canvas bag weighs more than the bras, so I didn't even notice any extra weight to remind me they were there.) I hurried back up the escalator, returned to the store and walked in. The security gate didn't buzz, so clearly the magnetic strips on the bra tags weren't triggering the sensors. I showed my bag with the bras, to an employee just inside the door, and explained that I'd had a senior moment and forgotten to go through the checkout to pay for them.

He said to me "Ma'am, did you happen to purchase something at the jewelry counter, before leaving the store?" I said "Yes, I did. I'm sure that's why I forgot to pay for the bras. I had to put them somewhere to look at the jewelry, so I put them in my bag temporarily, then forgot all about them and walked out." He lowered his voice and said "If you had purchased 2 of the bras at the regular checkout, but accidentally left 1 in your bag, our security sensors at the door would have been triggered by the tag on the unpurchased item. But we recently discovered that if someone only purchases something at the jewelry counter, our security sensors aren't detecting any un-scanned item the customer may have, so we are working to fix this problem."

Huh??? Firstly, I don't understand how that glitch could be explained. How is the exit door sensor, triggered by any tag that wasn't demagnetized, UNLESS the person only made a purchase at the jewelry counter? How does the exit door sensor differentiate between the regular check out and jewelry counter check out? But secondly, I was shocked that he gave me that detailed information. If I had no integrity, I could go back and do the same thing again, but on purpose. So I told him he shouldn't divulge that detail. They need to figure this out pronto. Does anyone have a guess as to why de-magnetizing jewelry tag purchases would affect the security gate sensors' ability to detect un-scanned items with magnetic strips?

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