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AT&T Disabling my 4G Capable Phone, Why?

last year

A few months back AT&T alerted us that they were discontinuing 3G service in February 2022 and, if you had a 3G only phone it would no longer work on their network. You could check their website for information on which phones were impacted. I did and my LG G6 was listed as being capable of working on the “new” network.

This past week I received a text and an email from AT&T which reads in part:

“To use your AT&T service once we shut down our 3G network, you’ll need a new cell phone that works with our enhanced network. That means your cell phone ending in XXXX will need to be replaced.

We’re shipping you a new FREE cell phone, similar to the one you have today. You can start enjoying the benefits of our improved network as soon as you activate your new cell phone, and don’t worry, your cell phone number will stay the same.

You should receive your free cell phone in the next few weeks. Once you get it, just set it up using the simple instructions in the box. If you don’t activate your new cell phone, we will automatically activate it in approximately 30 days. Once your new cell phone is activated, your current cell phone will only be able to call 911 and 611 until February 2022 when we sunset our 3G network”

I go to a local AT&T store to find out why they’re going to deactivate my phone which will work on their 4G network. They can’t explain as my phone was showing me getting 4G service as we talked. They said I needed to call AT&T, which I did.

AT&T says they will support the LG G6 on their 4G network but only model #H777 and mine is US977. (It was purchased unlocked but not from AT&T.)

Here’s my question: If my current phone is 4G capable shouldn’t I be able to remove the SIM card from my new phone and put it in my G6 and have it work? AT&T is only deactivating my current SIM, right?


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