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Looking for foundation planting ideas. NW Illinois Zone 5

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last year

Apologies for a somewhat duplicate post. Houzz will not let me edit or comment on a similar post I started. I’m looking for some ideas here. I’ve x’d out the Hostas that have been removed. What is in there now from left to right: Spirea, Hosta, azalea, a few boxwood directly in front of the house , a barberry between the windows and the rounded paved area contains a couple green yellow euonymus, Hostas and a dwarf yew. I’m thinking of moving the evergreen tree to the middle of the windows but am open to suggestions. I also got a couple Penny Mac hydrangeas and I’d love to incorporate at least one somewhere for some color. Where I’m torn is if I should keep low growing stuff from the windows in or add some height in the middle AND at the right side of the photo. Help!!