Record heat wave in PNW, and possibly SW B.C. this week-end

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I got this on my Twitter newsfeed, and it predicted record high temperatures this week-end with record high low temps for Seattle and Portland this week-end. It did not mention Vancouver, but I did notice that Vancouver is supposed to be hotter than all of Europe this week-end, and it is only June.

We'll be in Coachella Valley on Saturday for two weeks, which of course is even hotter, but that's to be expected, and record temperatures are not predicted for Southern California.

No one that I knew in Seattle or Vancouver had A/C as late as the 1990s, but I wonder if that is going to change. I know that people in PNW do not seem to handle heat very well - at least the ones that I have known. Some do, but most seem to think that it gets hot when the temperature is above 75°, which is how I felt when I lived in San Francisco.

What is going to happen in August?

We've had almost no June gloom (which I've always loved) here in L.A. past 10 AM, and it used to last most of the day.

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