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Would Picture Ledges Work Here?

2 years ago

First time posting here, I hope I do it right! I’m wondering if two black picture ledges would work/look nice on the wall above the credenza in my living room. I love the versatility of being able to switch out art and items as you please. The tall orchid that is sitting on the credenza for now would be moved. We just recently bought this house so it is obviously a work in progress— The shelf with the art stacked on it next to the TV will likely go away after our new huge (thanks, husband…) TV is mounted on the wall and a larger stand for below it is purchased.

So— Would two 67 inch, black picture ledges work above the credenza? The credenza is 71 inches across. I’m pretty sure the ceilings are 9ft tall but not 100% on that. If you think the ledges would look good, at what heights would you hang them? Thanks so much for your help!

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