Talk to me about feta...

I typically don't like it as it's too tangy for me. And I also don't like goat cheese as it's too gamey for me.

But then again, there's sheep's cheeses and cheeses source from different countries, different animals, different methodologies, and I'm thinking I'm missing something. So are there different or more mild fetas? Are there goat cheeses without that gamey aftertaste? Should I look for cow vs sheep vs goat cheese when it comes to feta?

As you can tell, I'm not adventuresome enough to just go out and buy a bunch and do a taste test on my own. And DH, child of depression parents that he is, has this thing about *never* throwing out food, especially for some stupid reason like you just don't *like* it.

Any tips, hints, info, insights or recommendations to get me started would be most welcome!

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