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Talk to me about irrigation, or tell me where to go!

11 years ago

I want to, in the near future, install some kind of irrigation in my garden. Dave has been promising me to do so for a couple of years now.

We were thinking about installing PVC irrigation, and I have been watching Larry's posts with interest. Two things struck me. #1, he said that he disassembles his system every winter (we don't want to do that). And #2, he said pvc will water unevenly on ground that is not level (my garden lies on a significant slope).

When we install irrigation, it will be a huge job. I have numerous raised beds of different sizes, and tons of path between. My average walkway/wheelbarrow space is 4'. So the irrigation system has to snake in and out of beds, up and down the sides, watering only the beds and not the paths. Once it's there, I'd like it to stay there for a good many years.

Is drip irrigation my best bet? Can that remain in place over the seasons? I have tried to research this, but my head hurts from all of the tools/items required. I am guessing that this is going to be a very pricey project.

Should I be asking this on a different forum? SFG or Irrigation? I miss Chandra. :( I would love to pick his brain as to what he did and the cost involved. I hope he is doing well.

Here is a quick phone pic so you can see what I am dealing with. Excuse the mess. We are in the process of digging weeds and re-mulching paths with pea gravel instead of straw. If we have a spring fling here, you can all see it in person and maybe someone can give me some advice. :)



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