Transplanted Dahlias look like they are dying... please help!

Beth B.
14 days ago
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Hi All!

I hope everyone is having a nice summer so farI

I'm long winded. This is my question and you can skip the details below if you want to fast track :) ... I transplanted 5 dahlias from containers to outside about 4 days ago and they are super unhappy. One even looks like it might die, the leaves are sooo droopy. Any advice please!?

The long version: I grew a ton of Dahlias in pots this year, as of now they are anywhere from just coming up from the soil to a foot high. I didn't get a chance to transplant them when I should have a few weeks ago because I was away and then you know... life... busy. I figured they'd be totally fine in the pots and I'd get around to it as soon as I could. BUT I didn't think about the heat factor :(

I transplanted 5 about 4 days ago and they are super sad. Big time droopy leaves. Will they survive? I've watered but trying not to overwater too because I read Dahlias don't like a ton of water. They are not in the best soil, dense and damp due to landscape rocks being on top for the past few years. But I made sure the holes were a decent size and put all the soil components I used for the pots that they did well in. I also fertilized them with 'starter' fertilizer when I planted them. They are in sun almost all day. I'm in zone 5b I think (Littleton). And I had Dahlias planted from bulbs kind of near these a few years ago and they really thrived.

That's it. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!!!! I worked so hard starting about 30 of these in containers in spring (no joke... I went totally overboard this year) so it'd be so sad to lose them :( Over the weekend I want to plant the 15ish I still have in containers so any advice on how to transition them better would be awesome too!




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