Some of my Trees and shrubs look like they are dying. Please Help


Hello All!..I'm new here and I am new in the Gardening department as well. Bought a house 11 months ago with fabulous organic grounds, native trees and plants. We're doing the best we can, and are starting to get the hold on things.Now some of the trees (Mature) are looking scorched in clumps. We never water them because the grounds are always moist in their area. Now our Hydrangeas are getting yellow (we water as needed) and the Japanese maples as well. And there is a list of other shrubs that are loosing leaves. Any suggestions for this Newbie Georgia Gardener (Zone 7) about the reason our trees are looking scorched will be very appreciated!!

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wisconsitom(Zone 4/5)

Kandy, please take this as just an initial shot at attempting to find the cause of your situation: Do be aware-it is possible to overwater plants. Some of the visual cues that this is happening include chlorosis(Yellowing of foliage that is supposed to be green) wilting stems and foliage (I know-sounds wrong, but is true), other off-color effects, and lack of vigor. And yes, all of these symptoms can be caused by numerous other causal agents! Wouldn't you know it!

So, it seems like you know what you're about with gardening, etc. Perhaps you can provide additional info for us.

Finally, while it is too early for "fall color", some plants each year do seem to show early color change. We don't always necessarily find out the reason(s) for this effect. Are you seeing something beyond just the odd coloration here and a more general. systemic situation?


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