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Is a 48" range too big for our space?

Rhonda K
last year

Currently planning a remodel, and trying to decide between a 36" and 48" range. We want two ovens, so a 36" would require a wall oven to go somewhere, so essentially taking up 36" + 30", while we could do a 48" and get both.
Our kitchen has one wall that is a 19-foot span, flanked by 12-foot walls. Open to the living room/dining room, with about a 6-7 foot island.
If we went with a 48", we would center it on the 19-foot wall and make it the focal point of the room.
I can't find anywhere a recommended size based on the dimensions of your kitchen. I know it comes down to personal preference and cooking needs, but is a 48" going to look like a monstrosity in our space?
Photo shows long wall - sink/dw moves, and range will be centered between the two windows.
Thanks! Rhonda

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