I totally forgot about my kitchen faucet

2 months ago
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Had plumbers come and replace both bathroom faucets this morning and fix a leak in an outside spigot/line. After they left I went into the kitchen to get some water and water starts leaking from my kitchen faucet. Why didn't I think to ask them to fix this too? My tub needs the hardware replaced also because it doesn't drain without a piece of duct tape to hold it down. I'm the only one who uses my shower so I don't really care. It looks really trashy, though, especially with my new fancy sink faucet. The work they did today was cheaper than they quoted me since it didn't take them the two hours they thought it might so I may have the shower and faucet fixed soon. I was going to eventually just tear out the tub and put a shower in "someday" so wasn't worried about getting it fixed. The kitchen faucet, though, is really annoying and sprays everywhere if it's turned on medium or high. I may have them look at the line to the dishwasher too. I haven't been using it because it won't drain properly.

I had two different grocery order deliveries in the last week too because I forgot to order some things in the first order. The second one I also forgot to order garbage bags, again. I have a few to last me a little bit but don't like being completely out.

Do you forget things a lot? I was getting a little worried lately because there have been things my kids have told me we did or talked about and I don't remember them. It's usually they that don't remember things from their younger days. Some of them were very recent conversations that I apparently completely forgot about. I've also been forgetting words when I'm talking to someone. I recently asked my doctor for a dementia test just to ease my mind. It isn't stress because I've never been so stress free in my life as I am right now. I did pass the test okay but am still a little concerned.

I did feel a little better about the missing word thing the other day. Was at work and was talking about something to my coworkers and a word went missing. I tried to describe what I was trying to say and no one could come up with the word either, even though they knew what I was trying to say.

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