Is it hair-color or non-melanin determining higher pain tolerance?

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Red hair linked to higher pain tolerance:


But what about those redheads who CAN tan? I've met a boy like that.

And here's female samples:



And what about blondes and brunettes who CANNOT tan? Such as some of these brunettes:


Finally, what about albino's?

I myself have dark brown hair (now mostly white) with sallow oily skin which doesn't burn, rather gets blemishes due to inflammation, and myriad painful skin tags. I have lifetime fibromyalgia and CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) and my life since childhood has been successive pain. Culminating in severe varicose, tarsal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and severe spinal issues. Which is why, when i read about that research study, it was of interest.

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