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Stained kitchen cabinets vs. white

2 years ago

We have started thinking of remodeling our kitchen. I know the trend is all white kitchen. Not a big fan of all white and don't think it would really go with our house decor. Does anyone do stained cabinets these days? We love the look of cherry cabinets with all the grain showing through, although didn't really want too dark of a color. Have thought of maybe going with an off white color cabinet with a medium color counter just because I don't want my kitchen to look outdated when it's just remodeled. Husband hates that idea. He definitely wants the look of wood and all the grain, thinks that has a lot of character to it. Not planning on moving so decorating for resale isn't an issue. Also don't like the idea of how white cabinets show everything. Anyone with white cabinets tell me they are hard to keep clean and show every little nick, but other than that they like their white kitchens. And yes I know white kitchens never go out of style. Wondering what color stains/wood cabinets are in style now.

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