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painted white vs stained cabinets & cleaning them

13 years ago

We're planning to remodel our kitchen and will be tearing out the white kitchen cabinets that were "on-site" built and are now falling apart. I like the look of white cabinets, but I don't like trying to keep them looking nice and clean. We have oak kitchen floors, stained a light golden honey color. When we first built the house 25 years ago, I thought I had to have white cabinets as a contrast to the wooden floors and that's why we originally went with painted cabinets. Now with the remodeling before us, I've been considering switching to stained, but am concerned about choosing a stain color that will complement the flooring.

'Seems most people are building with white cabinets these days and if they do have stained finishes, their floors are tiled.

Am I making a mistake to consider stained cabinets with my oak floors? Any advice, thoughts, etc. are welcome. WIth only hubby and myself now living in the house, white cabinets might not be so hard to keep clean... except there are all of the visiting grandchildren who we dearly love! I'd also considered a compromise of mixing stained with painted cabinets. Ours is a large u-shaped kitchen with 2 islands. The only natural light comes from a large window over the kitchen sink.