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What do I do with this GAUDY Rococo Bedroom Set? Help

Spencer Betz
10 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago
So, very good friends of mine moved to the Yucatan. After a year, they decided to come back to California. They Skyped me 6 weeks before coming back because the 'wife' had found this Rococo bedroom set that she just had to have. Now, there's no FedEx, Wire or Mail service at Playa Del Carmen where they were. The wife begged me to go pay for this set that was advertised on Craigslist for $3000 'hand painted, from Italy, cost $15,000 new. ... I say no, but the husband Skypes me the next morning and after much debate back and forth with me repeating over and over 'You are moving into an apartment!!! You can't afford it AND it won't fit... He to begs me to please just go pay for it and they will repay me as soon as they get here. I looked at this bedroom set and thought it the ugliest think I had ever seen... Look like a dated set from some 80's Italian mobster movie to me... I buckled and went and paid for it. Of course, as soon as they got here, they stated they had run into additional expenses and asked if I would take payments over the next several months...

Hindsight is 20/20... I said 'No... that I wouldn't have bought that for myself and now they want to make payments?' SO.. it is sitting in my garage and every time I go to get in my car not only do I have to look at it, it is a reminder that it ended a friendship of 20 years...

I put it on Craigslist... but no offers... go figure... this is a specialty item and you either love it or hate it... Thinking maybe if I painted it, it might grow on me, I called a couple of furniture re-finishers and both said they wouldn't touch it, that it's a work of art... Well, it's not art to me the way it sits.

I'm moving into a new house I bought in just less than two weeks... SO... I decided to turn to HOUZZ members for advice. I've read about a lacquer made by Amy Howard that is suppose to be easy to use. But even then... what to do with this thing... I've decided that if i can figure out what to do with it to make it gorgeous, I will put it in my new and very large master suite... I'm including additional photos that show my new bedroom & bath... The room is even larger than it appears and has 9' ceilings... Okay Members... bring it on!

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