Dividing all-green eyes off of June Fever

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Today's project was dividing June Fever from the all green eyes that it first developed 2 years ago.

June Fever with several all green eyes that I never gotten around to dividing out over the past 2 years. Most vendors list June Fever as a sport of June, but others (Fransen, Hallson's) list it as a sport of Devon Green. The registration says it is a sport of June. If it is a sport of June, then the all green eyes represent a sport. If June Fever is actually from Devon Green, then the green eyes are a reversion. Sport or reversion aside, see how strong the all green eyes are, how they are taking over the main plant. Maybe I will name the all-green plant "Green Devil" to add to the confusion. ;)

The before picture, 4/8/21

Photo of same plant from 2020

As you can see, the all-green eye was a minor player in the potted June Fever last year, and I did not feel like dividing it last year. 2020.

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