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Exterior Updates to Yellow Brick Ranch

Molly Mulvaney
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Now that I finally have the interior of my house the way I like it, the exterior needs some serious help! It just looks so boring and blah. First of all, I do *not* want to paint the brick. With that said, I'm leaning toward a darker accent color (dark grey or black?) but I don't know if I like the panels under the windows or shutters or what. I know it needs some landscaping (I'm loving the idea of a wisteria tree under the window on the right) but I'm more concerned about the actual house right now. Any design/architectural/color suggestions would be much appreciated!! Also, if you suggest a color scheme, please include your thoughts on what to do to the (obnoxious!) garage. I will be putting a new roof on in the next few months so I'm open to ideas on that as well. Note: The two photos in comments are from the past two owners and how they had it... Not a huge fan of either.

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