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Need Advice On Paint and Furniture for 100 Year Old Home

Jason Von
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hey all! Just bought this house. I love bold color and funky/artsy aesthetic, but am second-guessing some of my ideas. I'm going to pull up the carpet to reveal the hardwood floor, and would like to do the walls of the living and dining rooms in deep blue, paint the fireplace white, and put up white crown molding in both rooms, but have seen people saying to never paint a fireplace, and have no idea what sort of crown molding to apply. I'm also completely lost on the type of furniture to get (current furniture is from previous owner) and blinds/curtains to put up. I'm thinking what I'd like is a mix between Art Deco (to match the dining room's original chandelier) and Pop or Expressionist Art to make everything colorful and playful. Attached are some pictures of the house:

And here are some ideas of interior design that I'm sort've taking inspiration from. I guess ultimately what I'm looking for is the line between classic and masculine, and fun and non-stuffy:

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