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Help with flooring choices for DIY bedroom carpet replacement

3 years ago

My house is 24 years old. Looking to DIY replace carpet in Master bedroom, and linoleum in Master Bath (total 312 sq ft). After that, looking to do 2nd bedroom (200 sq ft). Also later looking to replace basement VCT tile 280 sq ft).

Lower budget is a prime factor. I don’t mind spending a little more on MB, but 2nd BR and basement definitely price is #1 consideration. I have been thinking for a while that I would be using wood look porcelain tile. The main reason for that is that I go into Lowes and see how they have sales regularly with these being 99 cents per sf, or more options for up to $2/sf. Seems to fit my budget. I talked to a guy at Lowes yesterday and he was surprised by that thinking because of the difficulty of installation and also because of additional costs I have not considered. Backerbord is 70 cents sf, mortar is 50 cents sf, don’t know how much grout is, would have to buy or rent a wet saw. While that is not a lot of money, it’s not the “bargain” I was thinking I was getting.

So, I am looking for the pros and cons of each flooring choice. My first thoughts are that real wood is too expensive. Laminate is easy to do, but I don’t like the hollow feel of walking on laminate, and I don’t like the shiny plastic look of lower priced laminates. I don’t know much about vinyl tile, but I imagine it has the same issues as laminate? I like the look and feel of the wood look ceramic tiles. I did redo my mudroom with ceramic tile years ago, so I know how to do it, and it has held up perfectly. But, compared to other choices, it would take me what, 4 or 5 times longer? I’m a slow careful worker so projects take me longer than the average DIY homeowner. Carpet seems expensive, and seems out of style now? Also, not a DIY job.

I would love people’s suggestions or opinions. Especially regarding the additional costs of each option other than what you see on the price tag of the actual material. Thanks.

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