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Finishing the basement - what do we do with this brick fireplace?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Our unfinished basement is getting walls next week. It's a HUGE project and we have multiple areas to address within it (kitchenette/bedroom/2 bathrooms/bonus room). The cost factor easily adds up quickly - especially in 2020.

This area is for TV watching the hook up is ready on the side wall. For the FP, we added a gas line (was wood-burning, but never used) and had only planned to add a mantle and be done. But now, I'm not so sure.

In my mind, I saw builtins around - but the wall is only 4 inches of space flanking the FP so I think they'd really stick out far? (see pics of measurements).

1. Will built-ins fit somehow on the sides without looking boxy?

2. The brick for a mantle is stacked like that so a mantle can go around it? Not on top of it, right?

3. Is a foot-high hearth normal height?

4. Is the gas line an issue for future builtins or decor?

I like the brick and will be painting the whole thing one color - not sure of that either - but the FP 'look' will dictate decor for the kitchenette so I shouldn't let the opportunity pass while it's empty.

Obviously, this is a blank slate, so I'm totally open (no paint, walls, decor, furniture)

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