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How to get rid of bubbles in Loba 2K Supra AT?

2 years ago

Thanks to everyone here at Houzz including @G & S Floor Service @SJ McCarthy and @David Valasek for the education on Loba's waterborne products and their application. I'm mid-project now with application of WS EasyPrime and 2K Supra AT and like the finish that I'm getting all except for a major problem with bubbles. Can anyone help me with how to fix this? I still have over half the project left to do and want to get it right. Here is what I have tried:

  • Not shaking the product as much.
  • Letting the product sit longer after shaking before using it.
  • Stopping the use of a roller application and going to a brush only.
  • Calling Loba's customer support for help via which I was advised to use a roller first and then go over everything with a brush to press out the bubbles. I decided against the roller due to the fact that I was on my final coat for these pieces and couldn't afford another major bubble disaster like the roller had produced on the previous coats. The brush alone was ineffective against the bubbles.

None of this has produced a total solution, though the bubbles are about half the amount now that they were on the first coat. I did sand all the previous layers, but the coat shown is my final, so I'll be unable to address the finish as it is now on these pieces. The settling process removes some of the bubbles after the finish is laid down on the wood, but you can still see them in the dried finish, as shown:

I'm really at a loss about what to do. I'm thinking to switch to Whizz flock rollers and do multiple thin layers, but even so, I don't know if that will help the bubbles. I have a suspicion this is related to how much I'm shaking the product, but Loba is supposed to have de-foaming agents added that greatly reduce or eliminate bubbling no matter how much the product is shaken, correct? Also, the ceramic particles in the 2K Supra AT can settle to the bottom, I have read, so the label on the product says, "shake well," and the YouTube videos from @City Floor Supply show Loba rep Tom Zagula vigorously shaking the product for up to 30 seconds after combining the base and hardener and then demonstrating an immediate application, even saying in one video that waiting for the product to settle isn't necessary. @iCork Floor that sells a lot of 2K Supra AT has posted instructions on their website saying to shake the base for one full minute, shake the hardener for one full minute, combine them and then shake the combination for one full minute. I did the @iCork Floor method for my first two coats and then really cut back on the shaking for my final coat and even let it sit for about 30 minutes before using it after shaking the hardener and base together, but I still got quite a few bubbles. Any insight?

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