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White oak, new construction, botched job x3, Loba URGENT question

4 years ago

Initial Floor Fall 2017 / Color / Buffer CIrcles / Gaps with poor fill

White oak floor, was a new construction (summer/ fall 20170, being fixed AGAIN this week.

We were told duraseal (ebony / jacobeen mix 50:50) was applied with a matte finish (no idea what type) to start. However, we found Minwax in the basement.

Was water popped.

End product is more jacobeen than ebony with the stairs pure black/ ebony in color (fixed once, still about 2 shades difference in person).

The entire home also has strange "buffer circles" everywhere, poor filling of gaps, some cracked wood.

So to start the floor did not appear quality to us (800k home).


Fall 2017 there was a water leak from the bath upstairs day before moving in.

We were told floor on main level did not get wet however it started to warp.

The affected wood floor was replaced on the main level.

All new wood was put down in the affected living area (fall 2017) and restained.

Peeling/ White Lines/ Cracking / Warping?

A few weeks later (October / November 2017) the floor began to peel and crack in the living room, kitchen and master bedroom (same level, no work was done in the master or kitchen).

The crew came out again to fix white lines and was to buff the "buffer circles" out and recoat.

We came back to a nightmare.

Satin sheen was applied in some areas to the matte floor

So we have some matte areas, some satin, even more peeling, more cracking and what looks like a warped floor, with buffer circles still remaining and there are boot prints on the stairs and floor in a gloss (like someone tracked gloss around).

Cause: Does it really matter at this point. Sigh.

Everyone is blaming each other.

We have been told its the water popping, the humidity level (we have a dehumidifier and humidifier, keep it 35-48 in the house- live in WI), and were told the floor wasn't dry from the water damage and they were rushed/pressured to apply the new floor (not by us, we always have said quality over rushing).

To sum it up/ The proposed fix.

The custom floor people (have a good rep in WI, so not sure what the problem is here) are coming this week to fix the entire first floor.

The floor is to be resanded and stained.

Color/ Product question

We are at a loss as to what to apply (product).

After much reading and thanks to your boards we are trying to take a more mico managed approach.

We have never liked the color, wanted more ebony, so this is a good chance to fix the color issue. However, we are petrified that they don't know what they are doing so have decided to go natural. How bad can they screw this up? That's rhetorical!

We asked for Rubio monocoat.

The thought of another water-based product looking like plastic and peeling sounds horrific to us.

Initially, they said sure, could do the rubio. Now they are telling us they "feel more comfortable with loba."

Sure, okay, from our reading, Rubio is a nightmare unless the contractor is comfortable.

LOBA questions

They are telling us the Loba HS 2K impact oil is "identical" to Rubio monocoat?

I can't seem to find much info on the Loba impact oil. Anyone use this before?

We like COOL tones, no yellow, not a fan of browns at all (why the jacobean has been a turn off), natural or light gray or wash white.

Matte finish (Loba impact is satin from what I read).

No peeling.

We also looked at Loba invisible AT for the matte, natural look. And should ask for WS easy primer to avoid the yellow tannin.

Will Loba invisible AT peel?

Also hard to find pictures on these products (none for impact oil, rare for invisible AT).

Naturally, we are petrified to have them work on it again but it's free at this point.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

Pictures (worse in person) and this is just a small sample of what the entire home has.

Thank you!

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