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Loba compared to Bona Traffic

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We built our house 1.5 years ago and after deciding to not stain our floors we chose to use a water based poly. The hardwood installers told us this would cost $1600 extra to do. After asking around I understood that would be reasonable if they were using a high-end poly like Bona Traffic. I specifically asked the installer if they would be using Bona Traffic to which he replied "yes". After we moved in we discovered a leftover bottle of floor finish and it's labelled Loba WS Easyfinish. I can't seem to find much about this product. Is it comparable to Bona Traffic in regards to durability? This is all coming about because our floors are staining VERY easily. We have 3 dogs, one who is older and has some accidents in the house. We know this so we are careful to always check for any mess. In some areas his accident will significantly stain the floors within 30 minutes. I grew up in a home with hardwoods and I've never heard of them staining so quickly! Also, we are nearly certain that the finishers only put 2 coats on the floor. You can feel the grain of the wood and in many areas the floors are rough. I've been reading that with water based you need at least 3. Can someone weigh in on this? Especially, is this just a preference or actual manufactor's recommendation? I'd like to feel a bit more confident before I call the finishers and complain.

Edited to add: after reading more I believe since this was used on white oak with no stain, the finishers should have used a primer. Is that correct?

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