Have not been able to sign in for a week or more


I guess a few others are having this problem, too. I messaged Elmer (thru POV) to post for me and he sent back a message with a Houzz link that is allowing me to post; I tried so many ways to do this myself, but had no luck with either Houzz nor GW log-ins. It’s very frustrating.

If, as Seagrams suggests, the problem is with my ad blocker, how do I allow ONLY GW and Houzz to give me ads?

I have contacted Houzz and they blithely told me to change my password. Yeah, I tried that several times right away with no result. at least I can read KT, but I feel cut off from you all. Thank you, Elmer for attempting to help with my problem.


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I feel cut off, as well Erin, and I hope I can get back to posting here as seagrass. Funny your spellcheck called me Seagrams!!

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Elmer J Fudd

I think it's an inconsistency between the coding for gardenweb.com and houzz.com URLs. Yes, it's the same company and ultimately the same house no matter what door you walk in but the webpage coding of the two is not identical and long has been different.

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wednesday morning

I have experienced this too.

All I did was clear my history and tried to sign in again with the stored password and ID. It has been a hot mess ever since.

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