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Black & White Bathroom_gold or black accents?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

We had this black and white bathroom when we moved into our house 3 years ago. It had a HUGE mirror to the ceiling and spot lights in the mirror. The counter was made of arborite or something like that. It was horrible. The idea was not to spend a lot of money (because we also did a pink and grey bathroom that had very similar problems). The old colour was Revere Pewter on the walls I think. Now we have Classic Grey. We picked this colour because outside of the bathroom is BM ClayBeige and there are only about 5 paint colours with grey in it that go with the clay beige.

We took down the mirror, etc. We got a new granite counter. I attached a photo because it is not quite as all white as it looks in the photos. White with veins of grey through it. Black taps and black vanity lights. Now I feel like the cabinet has a slight creamy colour to it. We could take the drawers out and the cabinet doors off and have them sprayed black. Then if I did that could I do a very thin champagne gold framed mirror with champagne gold/brass cup pull hardware along the top row of the cabinets. 2 more where there currently are none.

I attached a print screen at the bottom. I originally was just going to do all black, change the hardware on cabinets, skinny black frame mirror, etc. But maybe the goldish shade (there are a lot of the golds that I don't particularly care for). brings it up more modern?? Any thoughts would be very very appreciated. I just can't bring myself to do the gold without some positive reinforcement.

Just on a side note:

The cabinet is 69" wide

The lights are 33" wide

I am thinking about minimum 40" width for the mirror and 30" high. That will take it to just below the new lights in black and about 2" above the backsplash of the new counter.

Thanks, Linda




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