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Where to cut and seam my quartzite counter top? (fabrication question)

3 years ago

Hi community - I am trying to decide the best fabrication option for my quartzite countertop (picture of the stone below). The countertop is "L" shaped. The fabricator has said there are two possible ways the countertop could be cut and seamed:

  1. Cut/seamed diagonally at the corner of the "L", so there is only on seam. In this case, the veins in the stone would run the long way along each side of the L and intersect at the diagonal corner seam.
  2. Cut in two spots with one seam in the middle of the sink (or on either side of it) and then one closer to our back wall, a bit more hidden. In this case, the veins would all go the same direction throughout the countertop and the most prominent part of the kitchen counter would all be one big piece…but there would be two seams…

Anyone have any experience with this or have a strong opinion which option would look better?

Thanks for your help!!

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