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Cooking for someone who can't chew well

3 years ago

Elderly friend/neighbor who wears dentures which do not work. He won't go to a dentist because of Covid. I feel so sorry for him, he is alone and has lost so much weight I am worried.

I thought I'd make food he could eat without having to chew a lot. I am worried about him, he lost his wife and his kids live out of State.

I was thinking soups but the meat would have to be really mush. He drives to the Chinese restaurant and buys egg-drop soup and that's what he eats.

He could eat mashed potatoes, rice, etc. But how do you get meat or vegetables that would be very soft that he could eat that would still be nutritious?

I really want to help him, it breaks my heart. I just want to figure out how to cook something he can eat that is nutritious and high in calories.

Any suggestions?



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