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Opinion: does this dark stain look too "70s"

I'd love some advice from you guys and gals!

I bought my split level house about 17 years ago, and it came with a hot tub. Since then, I rebuilt the deck to go around the hot tub, more or less recessing it.

Over time the trim around the hot tub has rotted away, so I spent the last several weeks breaking it out (mostly with a chisel, seriously), then I stained white pine 2x6s with Thompson's Penetrating Timber Oil Stain in Walnut, cut it to fit, and then used structural screws from underneath to hold it all in place. I left a 5" border all around the hot tub (the original was 1") so that it could be used to hold wine glasses, etc.

Photos below.

After I was finished, my girlfriend said that she doesn't really like it... she thinks that the stain makes it look too "70s" :'-(

The house was built in 1993, and sits on 5 acres of land with 4 acres of it being wooded. The color of the house is in 3 shades of brown (similar to how you see the deck railing), and the interior has a somewhat contemporary look... nothing outrageous, just clean lines, mostly subtle wall colors with the occasional focus wall, etc.

So what do you guys and gals think? Does this look good as-is, or should I go back over it with the solid dark stain that I've used on the hand rails and 4x4 posts?

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