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Lawn Renovation with Bermuda

3 years ago

Hello all,

I am going to scrape and re sod my yard with a hybrid bermuda and have a couple of questions. Appreciate any and all insights or feedback.

1) Location is West Texas (zone 7) and as I understand you can technically lay bermuda sod any time of year, even if it's dormant, with no ill effects but i'm curious if that's really optimal compared to laying it early spring? It seems counter intuitive to me but the landscapers i'm talking to have both said it will be fine. I'm not really in a hurry to do this and it could certainly wait until spring.

2) Bermuda variety? My yard is mostly sun but there are certainly spots that are partially shaded (maybe 50-60% light) and the recommendations are coming down to TifTuf vs. Celebration. Both are "shade tolerant" but i'm curious if either is generally better (yeah i know that's subjective) than the other.

Again, thank you


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