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Kitchen dealer didn't place our order. What should we do?

2 years ago

Hi, I wanted to give a follow up on my previous post and get some input on what steps we should take.

Thank you all for your input. it turns out that our kitchen supplier forgot to submit our order to his customer service department and didn't realize it until I checked in. We placed our order on June 15th, but it wasn't submitted until august 17th! He then lied and said the delay was due to covid, they didn't do anything wrong, and there was nothing they could do. He also refused to send us any paperwork on our order that would show when it was placed. I tried raising my concerns to the location's general manager and got no response.

I was so frustrated, I forwarded all the information I had to the company's district manager. He investigated it and found that the store knew the error was on their part, but lied to us and blamed the manufacturers.

At this point our cabinets will be delivered by October 7th and we don't really have the option to switch to a different company and stay on a good timeline. We are having a discussion with the district manager on what discount they can offer us for their mistakes. We are thinking of asking to waive all install and delivery fees and a 40% discount on our cabinets and countertops. With the way this situation was handled, we dont think we should be paying for any margin they would make on this order. What concessions would you ask for in this situation?

Thanks again for all your insights. it really helped us realize that we needed to push for more answers and documentation.

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