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Bosch is on backorder & we need a dishwasher! What to do??

last year

Due to the pandemic, Bosch dishwasher production is operating below normal (for social distancing on the line within the factory). It's on backorder everywhere, and wouldn't you know our dishwasher just leaked water on our floor! (Fortunately, it alarmed and we were nearby to grab towels.) I've been awaiting this moment for the longest time! The moment when I could replace our dishwasher with a Bosch!

We normally run 2 loads a day, and I really don't want to go 3 months without a dishwasher, waiting for the Bosch of my dreams! My husband wants to spend the $250 (plus parts) to get our current one repaired, but we've already did that last year (replacing the drain pump). Now it seems the wash motor is leaking (says tech support). I feel we must move on. But to what? (I had so wanted the new Zeolite drying feature from Bosch!) We do not have Miele-knowledgeable service support in our area, or I would get a Miele.

So, which would y'all recommend?

Repair what we have? Handwash and wait for Bosch? Kitchen Aid dishwasher? Or something else?

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