What type of tile (style and color) should I use for my backsplash

Alex La
last year
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We have an older home that we are renovating and we are just having the hardest time choose a style and color for our kitchen backsplash. The cabinet color are Benjamin Moor Advance paint in "Decorators White" that is very white and the cabinet doors are cathedral style. The walls are BM-"Seattle Gray" and the granite countertops are "Brass Blue". It is a strong blue with hints of purple, white, gray, black, and flecks of gold and brown. The pictures don't do the countertops justice.

We know that subways will look fine with a dark grout, but we just can't pull the trigger for some reason. Maybe because we see it everywhere. We've tried arabesque, but it just doesn't looks right (maybe?) We've looked at glass mosaics, but they're too expensive. Any thoughts or ideas my good people?

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