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Will You Help Me Fill Another Container?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I had decent success with roses in containers this summer - though it's still early to tell.

I had not realized before how empty, blah and useless my large deck was - just sitting there right in the middle of my most sunny spot on the property. Until it dawned on me: what a waste of rose potential!

As I am looking outside the kitchen window to a nice view of Belinda's Dream and Easy Does It trying hard with their little band blooms, I decided the deck can take more! (How else) :).

I am waiting for Olivia Austin to arrive in the Fall but I would really love a rich orchid pink-to-plum there as well.

Of the three I have my eyes on - Princess Ann, Orchid Romance, Plum Perfect - which one do you think would be most likely to meet these conditions?

1. Very disease resistant, good for hot, humid weather.

2. Suited for container growing.

3. Profuse, repeat blooming

3. Bloom doesn't shatter fast.

If you have other suggestions along the lines of those above, I would appreciate them.

Thanks so much!

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