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Porcelain vs. Quatz countertops? Thoughs??

Hi there + hope your day is going well!:)

I have a quick question & am hoping someone can provide some feedback...

I'm remodeling my kitchen & going back/forth between quartz and porcelain countertops.

The look I'd like is a white "marble" w/ a bit of gray veining.

Here's my dilemma: I have a really sunny south-facing kitchen window + everything I've put near it (e.g. plastic dish racks) has discolored. I really worry about white quartz discoloring + turning yellow.

For this reason I'm really attracted to porcelain countertops since they are UV resistant.

In both Canada + Europe (both places I've lived), I see that this option is quite popular. However, in the U.S. more people opt for quartz.

Is there a reason for this? Do porcelain countertops either not look as nice or chip easily? And has anyone w/ white quartz countertops had any issues with discoloration?

Any feedback is appreciated!:)

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