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Fireplace wall ideas needed!

3 years ago

This is our brown fireplace wall. Houzz members suggested changing it.
I love the white/farmhouse/Magnolia look.

Would you paint this wall:

  • cloud white (BM) to match the trim
  • Manchester Tan (BM) to match the walls around it
  • put up white shiplap wherever there is drywall (above mantel)

I really would like to go more white/light, but am unsure how to make it look good with a black fireplace and darker rock (unchangeable). We are changing the couch/sofa/art/IKEA storage units.

Would you:

  • stain the mantel a different colour. If so, to what?
  • paint the cupboards white? (I do not like DIY paint look and would rather replace the cupboards if I could - I can’t because of the rock - so I would try hard to make the paint job look professional, maybe even buy white doors and just paint the box).

Any other suggestions?:) I appreciate any and all advice!! 😊

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