Need Help dealing with Thrips on succulents!

Carly Kaye
last year

Recently have discovered what I believe to be a thrips infestation in my succulents. What is my best course of action to get rid of these pests chomping on my plants?
Have tried Isopropyl Alcohol spray but only had enough for one application as it is hard to find with the pandemic. Dusted all plants down with Diatomaceous Earth, not sure if that helped or not. Have just heavily sprayed all down with a ready to use Neem Oil spray this morning.
Help my save my babies! Many are looking chewed or misshapen from the damage. Have had 3 just turn black, lose all leaves and drop dead which I'm starting to now believe was from the thrips, instead of rot like I first assumed. As I had not watered them for at least two weeks, I was baffled how they rotted.

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