What do you eat on your no-cook night

Fridays have always been no-cook night. When the kids were around, of course it was pizza night. We try to change it up, but, of course, get into a rut!

We have a terrific take and bake pizza place up the block, we might just get a roasted chicken from the store and do a salad, an enchilada combo meal from the place down the street does us both, about the only true "fast food" place we like is Panda Express (Don't hate!)

We also have pre-made meals in the freezer, but are saving those to stock the freezer for our daughter and her wife when the twins get here!

Today we were pleased to find out that one of our favorites has re-opened for take out called "The Parish". These guys are actually from NOLA! We ordered a mufuletta and gumbo to share. Almost time to warm it up!

Any ideas to add to our rotation?

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