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Insinkerator Hot and Cool Dispenser - how good is the cool water?

2 years ago

We currently have the Insinkerator instant hot dispenser, which I use all day and every day (I'm a hot water drinker). My husband is the cold water drinker, so he gets water from our refrigerator with an external water and ice dispenser.

With our remodel, we are going to get a new fridge and we are debating on getting one WITHOUT a water dispenser. This would allow us to gain more usable space in the fridge and freezer. If we went that route with the fridge, we would install an Insinkerator Hot + Cool water dispenser.

I'm wondering if those who have the dual Hot + Cool water dispenser have any issue with the cool water. My hesitation is if the cool water function doesn't work very well later down the line, then we'll regret not having the fridge water dispenser. I've read in other posts that some have mentioned the cool water becoming warm after a while, but not sure why that happens.

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