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Evergreen Tall privacy hedge or tree

3 years ago

Wanting to plant a tall privacy hedge row or row of trees along 80 feet seperating neighbor property. I live in Southern California, zone 9. I will be creating a 2-4' high planter box (same height as neighbor property) with retaining block wall preferably 2' wide from vinyl fence and a concrete RV parking pad. The fence line has 6' vinyl fence seperating neighbor. Neighbors property is 4' higher than ours. They have cameras on side of house, spot lights triggered by motion in our backyard and lights on their patio that light our yard and I would say is about 14' high from our property. Talking to them hasnt worked. Desperately need to just block out our east side neighbor property. We want evergreen, tall growth , narrow, at least 12-15feet high shrub or tree. Some ideas have been Japanese Blueberry, Cherry Laurel, Wax Myrtle. Not sure which to choose for a 2foot wide planter. Do I need to change size of planter to 3 feet? Or would 2 feet be ok?

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