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How do I turn my fiddle leaf fig bush into a tree?

4 years ago

I bought this bush from Ikea last year. Since I brought it home, it took months getting familiar with it's new home - "growing leafs" that would drop almost instantly. But since March of this year, I have noticed that it's started to grow new leafs and they are strong! It currently looks like a bush (it might actually be multiple plants in one). I don't really know where to start, I'd ideally want it to look like a tree. I have so many questions! This is my first plant so I'm completely new to gardening.

1. If you had a bush like mine, what would you do? It's the middle of summer (I'm in Toronto) to give you an idea of the weather I am living in.

2. I know some of these leaves need to go so that it can reserve it's energy for new growth, but which leaves should I trim?

3. I saw a few spider mites - I rinsed it outside but I don't think that was enough. How do I get rid of them?

4. There is new growth at the bottom. Should I get rid of these?

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