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House has weird asymmetrical windows -- how can I improve curb appeal?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Help! Our house's exterior is legitimately weird. The window are not placed symmetrically, so the front of the house looks like the side of a house. (The window cannot be moved due to bathrooms or closets behind the two large blank spaces on the house's front.) See what I mean?

Now here's the question: We need to have the siding replace, and we are considering either vertical siding or horizontal clapboard (both fiber cement). We're also wondering if adding some brick, stone, or stucco on part of the first story might help break up the stark exterior. Would that look strange? Do you have any suggestions of what might look best (siding type, colors, brick/stucco options, etc.)?

We've also toyed with the option of adding a large front porch that starts at the front door and wraps around the front of the house (with columns and a roof between the first and second story). I'm not sure this will be within budget, though. If someone enjoys playing with photoshop, I'd love to see what this might look like. Thanks!

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