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MI 400-Series Sliding Door Quality

Nick B
3 years ago

I'm looking to install a 3-panel sliding door / glass wall on a home that I bought and am renovating.

The house is a 1920's bungalow so insulation is already imperfect.

It's in Houston, so hot weather performance is more important than cold.

The slider will be in the bedroom facing the back yard, so it will be used rarely - not a high traffic entry/exit.

I like the aluminum products better than the vinyl due to the narrower border around the glass you can achieve vs vinyl.

The quotes I've gotten for these doors have been all over the map - A non-thermally broken Western door was $4,500, a Showcase Vinyl was quoted at $3,500, and MI 400-Series with HP glass (no argon fill) was quoted at $1,500.

Also waiting on a quote on Andersen Heritage Doors - My contractor said avoid Anderson at all costs,but it appears Heritage is kind of a standalone that was acquired recently? Not sure how they compare.

I've read some pretty bad reviews of MI products from people on forums, but haven't seen anything on their sliding doors. That said - does anyone have any experience with this product, and is it good enough for the application above, or would I be better served coughing up the money for a higher end brand?

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