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Custom house build - looking for kitchen design input

3 years ago

We are building a custom house and we are getting close to having our final floor plan. We have not designed our cabinets yet so there is time to customize all of those fun things we want to add, so I don't have . Our kitchen plan is below but doesn't reflect our latest changes. It is at the end of a large great room, the dining table and living space are to the left of the the kitchen in the plan below. To the right is the garage entrance into a mudroom with a desk and inside storage room (what we are calling our Costco closet), the walk in pantry is on the other side of the rangetop wall with a door from the hallway, the laundry room is next to the pantry, then the master suite is down that long hallway with access to our closet through the laundry room. The back patio and kitchen is just outside the great room. Just to give you all some context.

We have already made a few changes. The range is now a 48" rangetop and we will have the double wall ovens in the bottom right corner. We will move the warming drawer to the right so it is on the end of that run of cabinets, with a narrower set of drawers or pull out on either side of the rangetop.

The bottom run of cabinetry will be as follows and has changed since this design, right to left; 1. double wall ovens (left side opening doors), 2. integrated freezer and fridge, 3. tall cabinet with lower drawers, and behind two retractable doors will be a countertop for toaster and blender, and MW built in to the top with some extra storage above that), 4. Coffee bar with ice maker and beverage center under that counter, 5. then a build in buffet area that lines up with dining table.

One question I'm working through now is the rangetop lower cabinets (and uppers as a result). Architect has the lowers at 30" and I think that was left there because we originally had a pro range planned and I wanted all of the countertops to be same depth across the full span on that wall. We now are doing a pro rangetop. I can't find many examples of rangetops with extra counter space behind it, 6" as he has it planned now. I'd like to have the extra deep countertops, but will the extra space back there look odd? I want the rangetop controls to project out 1 1/2" from front of cabinets. We will be doing some kind of tile backsplash, so I don't think we are required to have the extra space if we use the island trim. The isle will be wide enough to accommodate deeper counters.

We will have 2 dishwashers, flanking the sink under the counter height windows. There are no upper cabinets on that wall. I plan to put all every day dishes in the island drawers closest to the dishwashers. We will have two trash pull outs, currently planned for one on each end of the island. The one on the left end of the island feels a little far to easily trash prep scraps, but I still think overall it's the best place for it. (ideas?) This puts one close and within easy reach when doing dishes, and the other one close for food prep trash and trash from the coffee bar area. And both are accessible to guests w/o entering the prepping/cooking zones.

I struggled with placement of the "prep" sink in the island. It's not a standard prep sink, it's a large sink, as big as the clean up sink. Since it's a 12' island, I felt that it belongs in the middle and still leaves over 4.5' of working space on each side. I'm right handed and it feels natural to me to work on the left side of the sink so I wanted ample prep space on that side. But I didn't want to move the sink to the other side because the walk from the fridge to prep sink feels too far. I feel like this is my best option.

We will use one of the buffet top drawers for a charging station.

I'd love comments or suggestions on our layout and appliance/trash/sink placement. This is my first time building a house and it's quite overwhelming.

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