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Notice anything different?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

The stinkhole vent is gone and the brick was restored to its former appearance. I am so happy to have that bleedin nuisance GONE, at long last.
We hired an attorney, spending a solid grand to have him send a demand letter. The neighbors received it yesterday, appearing on our doorstep shortly thereafter ranting and raving, and today they had a guy out here removing it. They still owe us the return of our attorney fees, as it was glaringly obvious that they had absolutely no intention of removing the vent. Not even HOA violation notice compelled them, but ensuing litigation did. We remain outraged that only by expending a considerable amount of money ourselves did they take any action.
We learned a few valuable things in this process concerning our rights as homeowners in an HOA community, and it has been empowering in a sense. The old Peoples Court line of not taking the law into your own hands... "you take em to court" proved to be a good reminder.
Obviously there has been more to this story than I wish to divulge at this time (our retainer period is still in effect), but just wanted to share that the disgusting vent is history.

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