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What would you do? sprucing Old World Living Room.

Help!! My friends decor style is antique. She wants to spruce her living room and make it look larger without loosing warmth.

  1. How to make the fireplace stand out? the fireplace will go charcoal black, the wood trim a river rock backsplash, the mantel will be dropped lower and she wants to paint it charcoal black like the fireplace. That wall will be SW Repost Grey, with the Deep Stacked stone wall framing the Fireplace from ceiling to floor. SW White Duck for all trims, panel and chair rails. And she also wants to add built in book covers on the bottom half part of the focus wall. She’s a bit attached to the chair rail but will consider or not, if it’s an amazing plan. She doesn’t want to spend too much.

  2. The hallway and stairs. Remove the 1900 wallpaper and paint the wall repost grey with white duck trim and chair rail? Isn’t that too dark for such a small entrance hallway? White duck stair rails? Or stained? Obviously she likes her creams. Lord help!

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